About Us

Welcome to the UVstocks team

Who We Are

We're excited for you to embark on your investing journey with us! At UVstocks.io, we take the confusion and intimidation out of investing in stocks, specifically stocks that are considered "undervalued" — hence the "uv" in our name. We help you bargain shop for stocks that are selling at a discount.

Overwhelmed by the amount of information displayed on today's stock sites? Don't know where to start or what indicators to look for when picking stocks? Still trying to figure out how to understand the "industry standard" way of picking and trading stocks? We plan to solve these problems and more.

Why choose Us.

Our primary focus is providing reliable and easy-to-understand stock information. Other sources will put everything in front of your face, and it's up to you to sort through the noise. Our automated system will sift though it for you and show you only information that's worth your time to look at.

Our Mission.

We automate all the hard stuff and tear down that barrier of intimidating eye charts to help you make sense of what stocks to pick based on strong fundamentals like good vital signs of a person's health. Knowing if a company is healthy and positioned to grow is similar to monitoring the health of a person through blood pressure, cholesterol levels and weight.

What we Do.

Our platform automates stock picks based on ratings from top stock sites while also educating you on the principles of Value Investing, the foundation of the UVstocks.io philosophy. Our main product is a daily excel-based report that categorizes the entire S&P 500 index into its 11 sectors. Each sector has a sheet in the workbook, utilizing excel’s heat map formatting feature so that you can easily (and visually) sort stocks by the 5 fundamental value metrics among others such as price and rating (i.e., buy, hold, sell).

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